New Law Simplex of Urbanism

New Law Simplex of Urbanism

The Simplex of Urbanism has come in the form of Decree-Law number 10/2024 of 8th of January, which promotes the reform and simplification of licensing in the fields of urban planning, spatial planning, and industry.


This law is part of the “Mais Habitação” program. One of the changes regarding the Simplex is the elimination of the necessity for urban licensing. For example, for projects of increasing the number of floors in a building, there will not be necessary to have licensing whenever the building facade remains unchanged.


There are significant adjustments in the Legal Regime for Urbanization and Construction (RJUE), General Regulation of Urban Buildings (RGEU), and the sale and purchase of real estate. These adjustments will have a great impact on the real estate market as they will create a greater dynamic in the market and, consequently, increase the housing supply.


Alongside the Simplex will be created an Electronic Platform for Urban Planning Procedures that from 5th of January 2026 will be of mandatory usage for the counties.


However, some of the new measures are being applied since January 1, 2024, and other measures will enter into force in March of the same year.


Source: Público and Diário Imobiliário