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This building on Rua Passos Manuel is located in the Arroios district, in the heart of Estefânia and very close to one of Lisbon's main business centres, Duque de Saldanha square.
This area of the city is served by several schools, shopping points, gardens, hospitals, and by a wide and diverse public transport network. It is a building built at the end of the nineteenth century, which was the target of some interventions throughout the twentieth century.

Currently, it needs total rehabilitation works and consists of 4 floors above ground, 1 floor below ground and 1 ground floor. It has a deployment area of 193m2 and is part of a plot of 262m2 with East-West orientation. At the end there is a public place, partially occupied by a two-storey villa.

The proposed project, in the licensing phase at the Lisbon City Council, seeks to rehabilitate and reinforce the existing construction, as well as the expansion of 2 floors, providing for a total gross construction area of 1170.67m2, of which 970.48m2 is intended for the gross private area.

The main objective will be to ensure functionality and comfort, acting in order to optimize the areas and spaces, and improve their accessibility with the installation of an elevator. The intervention seeks to preserve the main characteristics of the existing property, preserving the most relevant original architectural elements and recovering their value.

The project aims to create thirteen housing units constituted in horizontal property and distributed in eight floors (1 floor below the reference level, 7 floors above the reference level, the last being the use of the roof).

The fractions are organized in typologies from T0 to T3, with areas between 40m2 and 132m2.

In the distribution of the fires over the various floors, it was tried to keep the fractions T0 and T1 facing west, next to the main façade, and it was decided to place the larger apartments facing the east, to the backyard, and with access to balconies, terraces or garden. The 13

units are distributed as follows:-

The -1 floor corresponds to a T3 fraction (-1A) with 132.23m2 of ABP and covers the area contiguous to the late façade, where the living room, kitchenette with laundry, two sanitary facilities and a bedroom are located, as well as the lower floor of the annex of the public place, where there are also two bedrooms and two other sanitary facilities. This fraction also has a garden with 61.92m2 with a small swimming pool.

- On floor 0 two fractions will be created: a fraction
T2 (0A) with 107.23m2 facing east
In fraction 0A, the living room, kitchenette and a sanitary facility is organized in the main building, and the bedrooms and two other sanitary facilities occupy the first floor of the annex building.
and a fraction T0 (0B) with 40.75m2 oriented to the west.
Fraction 0B corresponds to a studio totally facing west, to Rua Passos Manuel.

- On the 1st floor will be created a single fraction T3 (1A) with 123.11m2 that will occupy the complete floor, with two bedrooms and a sanitary installation facing west, a bedroom and the social area facing the east, and two other sanitary facilities added to the north gable. This apartment will have access to a terrace with 36.64m2 created on the roof of the annex building in the backyard with a small swimming pool.

- Floors 2 and 3 have a very similar layout of interior organization and are divided into two fractions per floor, a T2 fraction (2A and 3A) with 70.33m2 facing east, and a T1 fraction (2B and 3B) with 52.48m2 oriented to the west. Fractions 2A and 3A have all divisions contiguous to the tardoz façade (except the sanitary installation and the kitchenette that communicates directly with the living room), and have the use of a balcony with 8.05m2. Fractions 2B and 3B have all divisions contiguous to the main façade (except the sanitary installation).

- Floors 4 and 5 have a very similar layout to floors 2 and 3, however, they already correspond to the proposed expansion. In these floors, fractions 4A and 5A correspond to T2 with 70.38m2, and fractions 4B and 5B to T1 with 52.59m2.

- The 6th floor, resulting from the use of the roof, corresponds to a fraction T2 (6A) with 75.62m2. This fraction has a bedroom, living room and kitchenette oriented to the east, a bedroom with sanitary installation oriented to the west, and a second sanitary installation added to the north gable. The living room communicates with a terrace with 6.30m2 integrated in the geometry of the roof. -

At floor level -1 will also be used an area for 6 storage rooms with usufruct of the fractions -1A (3.18m2), 0A (1.31m2), 1A (4.17m2), 4A (2.86m2), 5A (2.86m2) and 6A (2.86m2).

The project foresees the use of sanitary water heating systems and air-conditioning systems, as well as the integration of constructive solutions that guarantee the thermal and acoustic comfort of the fractions.

Property Details

  • Terrace
  • Built year: 2025
  • Lift
  • Central location
  • Balcony
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